7 Sweet Ways to Show Your Car Some Love

As you prep for the big Heart Day, why not consider sharing the love with your trusty vehicle? It works hard for you daily and rarely complains, even after you slam the brakes, blare the horn, and pound the steering wheel. Plus, it puts up with your singing — reason alone to shower it with affection.

If you’re looking for some fantastic ways to return the favor, try this list of 7 sweet things you can do for your car this Valentine’s Day.

Make it sparkle: Scrub-a-dub-dub, nothing shows your love more than a caressing cleaning for your car. Give your ride a professional detailing, and don’t skimp on the extras – pamper your ride with a rim scrubbing and a thorough vacuuming of the trunk! If you can’t drop the dollars for a full detail, try grabbing a sponge and cleaning your car yourself. After all… who likes being dirty?

Wheel in the love: When was the last time you bought your beloved some new shoes? Your adoring automobile deserves to roll in comfort… and style. A good set of tires will make your car happy and improve its overall performance! If your tires are in good shape and you just so happen to have a few thousand in spare cash laying around, why not treat your transportation to some shiny new rims? You could even get the crazy ones that spin (if that’s your thing).

Be comforting: Give your car’s interior an overhaul this Valentine’s Day with some cozy new covers. Whether you choose to protect your seats or wrap your steering wheel up in style, this simple change can make your car feel special, and save your hands and behind from getting scalded in the summer months!

Floor it with style: Another similarly easy way to upgrade your interior is to swap out those dingy old floor mats for some spanking new ones. You’ll love having a new place to put your feet, and your car will feel like it’s getting a generous makeover.

Make music together: If you really want to lay it on thick, try upgrading your car’s sound system. By adding a satellite radio receiver, you can serenade your trusty steed all year long, and thoroughly entertain your fellow drivers.

Clear the air: So maybe new tires and a satellite radio are out of your price range this V-Day. Step up the sensory experience inside your ride by adding an air freshener. Choose your most adored aroma, or get into the holiday spirit with a cupcake scent, and you’ll be breathing more deeply every time you drive.

Lighten your touch: Sometimes all your loved one needs is a hug. If you can’t wrap your arms around your auto, try the next best thing — lose the lead foot. Go easy on the brakes, lighten your foot on the gas pedal, and maybe add a few more safe driving tactics to your everyday driving style. Your car will love you for it!

*Source: idrivesafely.com