Know What You’re Buying Before You Buy!

What will you do with your tax refund check this year? There is a good chance that a lot of people will consider putting it towards a new car. Or at least, a car that’s new to them. If you are contemplating buying a used car, it is in your best interest to take it to a mechanic and have them do a full inspection on it before you make a purchase. This is a service that we’re happy to provide at C and G Auto and Truck. We would much rather have you be safe than sorry!

You can mostly trust a CarFax report, if one is provided. But, taking a quick drive around the block and glancing under the hood isn’t going to tell you what you need to know about your next potential car. A lot of people don’t know that inspections are available to them in this instance. Some, however, just don’t want to spend the extra money. To get an inspection done costs less than most would assume. Trust us, you’ll be glad you spent the extra money if you find out the car you were about to put down thousands on is nothing more than a lemon! You wouldn’t buy a home without getting it inspected so why would you do it with a car?

The biggest things to worry about when buying a used car is 1) Frame damage, 2) Past poor-quality work, 3) Previous smoker’s car, or 4) Flood-damaged car. Frame damage and flood damage are the 2 worst possible options. Frame damage tells you that the car has been in a serious accident in the past and may not have been repaired up to optimal standards, which can cause a host of other problems down the road.

C & G still has a few gently used cars for sale if you are looking for used cars that you can trust. If you are buying from anywhere else, we urge you to bring it to us first for a proper inspection!