Myrtle Beach, Get Your Car Checked Before the Eclipse!

Are you planning on making a trip to Charleston, Columbia, or even just down the road to Georgetown, for the solar eclipse? You will want to make sure your car is in prime condition! Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event because something went wrong with your car, that could have been easily prevented with a routine maintenance check! C&G Auto and Truck wants to make sure that you’re safe on the roadways this August 21st!

Here in Myrtle Beach, we will still be able to get at least a 98% view. It is reported that around 1 million people will be coming to our area from out of town to view the once in a lifetime, 4-minute phenomena. This is likely to cause some major congestion on the roadways in the weeks to come.

Distracted driving is going to be on another level that day between selfies, video recording, and people driving frantically while trying to get to their viewing destination. The way to avoid the chaos on the road is simply to plan ahead! Have a plan in place of where you will be on Monday the 21st and try to stay off the road, if you can! Also, make sure you have your safe eclipse viewing eyeglasses ahead of time and stock up on drinks, snacks, and whatever else you will need from the store.

Beyond all the chaos just mentioned above that will be occurring on the roadways, we know a lot of local businesses are hosting eclipse viewing parties that day, which will include the distribution and consumption of alcohol. It is never a good idea to drink and drive but it is an especially bad idea with jammed up roadways, along with the escalated energy that will be inevitably be in the air that day.

We know there will be things out of your control that day but, don’t forget to take care of what you can ahead of time! Come get your car checked out at C&G Auto and Truck before the week of August 21st!