Myrtle Beach Truck Rental: Take Charge of Your Move

Hiring movers can be expensive and during high volume moving times like weekends or summer, it can be difficult to schedule a spot without planning well in advance. Put the safety of your belongings in your own hands and save yourself significant money by moving yourself with the help of a rental truck! The Myrtle Beach truck rental services are C&G Auto will get you (and your belongings) where you need to go.

When renting a moving truck, one of the top priorities to figure out is the truck size you will need. The last thing you want to do is rent a truck that’s too small and end up having to take numerous trips. Most truck rental companies help you determine the size necessary by the number of items you’re moving or the number of rooms those belongings actually fit into. If you are unsure of the best rental truck size for your situation, here at C & G Auto, our experts are happy to help advise you or you can also visit Penske Truck Rental’s online “Truck Wizard” to help you forecast this determination. (Link to:

It’s important to keep in mind that you might need more than just a rental truck. For example, hand trucks are two-wheel carts that make it easier to move heavy furniture and furniture pads can help protect your furniture and floors throughout the moving process. We have these plus boxes and other handy moving supplies available for purchase to be your one-stop shop for all moving necessities.

Here at C&G Auto, we offer daily, weekly or longer household or commercial rentals for both local use or one-way use where you can return the truck at another location. With varying sizes and styles, we are sure to have the perfect truck rental for whatever your moving needs may be! So choose the auto shop you can trust with industry-leading Penske rental trucks to get the job done.