Ready To Roll Tires

Tire inspections should be routinely conducted throughout the year, but are particularly essential after the summer season. Often times people overlook or forget about the severe conditions tires face from season to season or in changing weather conditions. In the winter months, you’re worried about losing tire pressure while in the summer, concern revolves around the side effects of hot temperatures. There’s no avoiding our South Carolina summer heat or the effects it can have, including on your car!

Summer heat is your tire’s enemy. When it’s hot outside, tire rubber breaks down and wears out the tread more quickly from constantly rolling over gritty, scorching road surfaces. Over time, your tires will become less effective at gripping the road creating potentially dangerous hydroplaning circumstances. Especially with frequent sporadic storms commonly occurring around our coastal area, you don’t want to leave your tire testing to chance with several months left in hurricane season!

Are you ready to roll into the new season? Make sure your tires are rotated, aired up and in prime condition to ensure they keep you rolling along safely this fall. While fuel is one of the biggest expenses for fleets, it’s no surprise that tires are close behind making it that much more important to make sure you do what you can to ensure you’re getting the most out of your tires, especially after the south’s extreme summer conditions.