Spring Driving Tips

It’s officially spring! With winter in the rear-view mirror, and better weather in full view, you’d think the roads would finally be safer again… but this isn’t always the case. Cautious driving and proper care are important aspects of driving safely this spring. Be mindful of these common factors when you’re driving around this spring!

Rainy Days

They don’t call them April showers for nothing! Rain will more than likely be in our forecast (a lot) coming up this month so it’s important to remember a few safety tips. Along with rain, brings slippery road conditions and flooding. According to the Federal Highway Administration, rain was the culprit of almost half of all weather-related crashes over the past 15 years. Rain makes wet pavement dangerous because for one, slippery roads reduce your car’s handling and increase the distance it takes to stop – up to four times normal stopping distance. The other factor is large puddles and/or flooding significantly reduce tire traction and could lead to hydroplaning.

Bad Road Conditions

Winter weather conditions and temperatures breed lots of potholes around our area in addition to a few other driving obstacles on the roads. Striking potholes even at low speeds can be dangerous – and expensive! What’s worse, is heavy rain can sometimes fill the holes, making them difficult to spot and sometimes hiding them from view completely.

Sun Glare

Longer days, mean more sun and greater chances of driving toward blinding light. Always slow down and use caution when dealing with strong sunlight. Polarized sunglasses, vehicle sun visors and squeaky clean windshields are a few of our recommendations for controlling these situations.

Animal Activity

Something people often forget about, especially around many busier areas along the Grand Strand are animals! Animals are incredibly active during the spring. Some are emerging from hibernation, while others are entering their mating season, equalling more animals roaming around and crossing streets. Be most vigilant for these critters at dawn and dusk, especially deer!

More Bicycles

Spring also brings cyclists out of hibernation. Driving alongside cyclists can make traffic maneuvers, from turning right to parallel parking, much more dangerous so be cautious and always check your blind spots!