3 Car Myths -True or Not?

We’ve all heard the myths… the urban legends regarding cars.   Sugar in the case tank will destroy the engine, certain car colors are ticketed more often – you get the idea.   Below are the answers to 3 car myths.


  1. “Name brand” fuel is better for your car.    FALSE the only difference is some name brands like Shell and Mobil may put extra engine cleaning additives in their gas.   Off brand fuel is required to meet all the same legal requirements and will not damage your engine



  1. Red cars will be pulled over more often so insurance rates are higher.  Studies have proven that Red cars do not get pulled over more often and rates are not higher.   It’s the driver not the car that determines both insurance rates and how often someone gets a speeding ticket!



  1. Using a cell phone while pumping gas or in a gas station in general can cause an explosion.  This one is an urban legend The FCC has done research and determined that wireless signals will not ignite fuel vapors.


Have any more urban legends or myths that you’ve heard?  Let us know and we’ll give you a true or false on it.