Car Maintenance Tips for Holiday Travel part 3

So you had your car into your mechanic to check it thoroughly before traveling for the holidays.   Any necessary repairs have been made and you know your car is safe and in good condition.   All that is left to do is pack it up and hit the road … right?    Well there are a few more car maintenance tips for holiday travel to perform before you leave.  These can be done a day or two before you head out.


When was the last time you looked to see if all your lights were working correctly?  Check parking, headlights, directional and brake lights before you leave.  A bulb or fuse is an easy fix.


Check windshield wipers – Driving through a snow or sleet storm or roads with salt can throw up a lot of spray onto your windshield – make sure your wipers are in good condition so that you can safely navigate the elements.   Your windshield wiper fluid should also be able to withstand freezing temperatures as you can use it frequently if driving on slush covered roads and highways.


Keep a bag of Kitty Litter in your trunk – this can come in handy if stuck on ice or slush


Clean your car!  No one likes to drive in a car for long distances that smells stale.


Check your emergency car kit – batteries for flashlights, water, some protein bars, a blanket or two, extra wiper fluid.


Driving with kids?   If your vehicle has a DVD feature or you have one that you use in the car, do your self a favor and make sure it’s working and all the connections are working.   There’s not much that is worse on a long trip then a bored child or two.


Before you leave check the weather along your route, know alternative routes and, if the trip is 12+ hours, know where you can stay for the night along the way.  Too many accidents are caused by drivers staying behind the wheel despite getting tired.  Safe holiday travel includes being aware of all the others rushing to a destination.   Winter roads can be treacherous if traveling north – slow down!