Car Maintenance Tips – Tires

As a car owner most of us are aware that regular maintenance on your car is important for several reasons. Car maintenance keeps the car in top running condition, in addition with regular maintenance a mechanic is likely to notice an issue that is developing, i.e. brakes, belts , that undetected can turn into an expensive fix. In the coming weeks we’ll be blogging the top tips for car maintenance – today we are going to focus on tires.

Check your tire pressure! According to Rubber Manufacturers Association, RMA), only 1 in 10 care owners properly check their tire pressure. Changes in temperature will cause tire pressure to fluctuate – approximately one to two PSI (pounds per square inch) for every 10-degree increase in outside air temperature [source: RMA]. There are dangers in both under inflated tires and over inflated tires. Worn or misaligned tires will also cause problems. An under inflated tire will bulge outward and put pressure on the sidewall which can eventually cause a blow out, over inflated makes less contact with the road which can cause loss of control in wet conditions. Proper alignment of your tires affects your cars performance on several levels. Fuel – When you align the wheels properly there is much less resistance from the road surface. .This results in not only a smoother ride but you should see a savings in gas bills. If you’ve ever driven in a car that ‘pulls’ to the left or right this is due to poor wheel alignment and can lead to other connected mechanical problems. It can cause uneven braking and stress on the brake shaft. The pulling to one side will also cause issues in the steering system. In addition the cars suspension can also be affected, a cars suspension is based on perfectly balanced parts, and bad wheel alignment can change this balance.

As you see not having a simple wheel alignment can lead to a more extensive and expensive issue with your vehicle. Improper wheel alignment also presents a safety issue as tire treads wear unevenly, which can cause the car to pull and not respond correctly in an emergency situation, especially in poor weather. In the south we all know how summer storms come out of nowhere bringing torrents of rain in a short time period. So many car owners are taking to the roads in the summer on long trips. Have your tires checked prior to leaving and again before heading home, start your vacation knowing your car’s tires are safe. Check your tire tread, a simple test will tell you if it’s time to replace those tires. Take a penny and put it between the tread; if you can see Lincolns face – time for tires, if you can’t you are good to go. Remember to have your tires rotated as well, this will add to the lifespan of a tire.
One last tip – make sure spare is in good condition and has the correct pressure. Be safe and be prepared!