Car Mechanic in Myrtle Beach?

Looking for a Car Mechanic in Myrtle Beach?



We all know that Myrtle Beach has a lot of transplants and seasonal visitors.  It is also one of the top driving vacation spots in the country.  All this adds up to a lot of people with cars… cars that may need some work done on them.   Being new to or visiting an area it can be a concerning issue when looking for a car mechanic in Myrtle Beach.


Unfortunately the industry itself is always fighting an image problem.  We hear all the horror stories of work done incorrectly, not done, high costs etc…, so when it comes time in a new or strange town to find a car mechanic what do you do?  In the age of technology most of us take to the internet.  We scour Face Book, Yelp, and Google+ for reviews.  The thing to keep in mind when doing that is this, there are studies which show when a person has a good experience they tell 2 – 3 people, when they have a negative experience they tell 8 – 10!  This means in some cases you can’t rely solely on those reviews as they may not be telling a whole story. .  But, conversely if a business has a ton of positive reviews you can be pretty sure that it is an upstanding business and you can feel safe using them.


The other barometer of a good, trustworthy business is the length of time they have been open for.  C & G Auto Repair fits the bill in all categories.  We have been in business in Myrtle Beach for 28 years.  We are owner operated family run with a 2nd generation now in the business to keep the tradition of fair prices, great workmanship and excellent customer service going.  From your first interaction with our front office employees – our customer service reps – to mechanics who will explain to you exactly what is the issue, show you if it’s possible, to quoting a fair price and not inflating it your experience will be one you too will want to tell others about us.


So for all  your entire diagnostics, repairs, rentals, sercixe and sales car or truck needs please  give us a call, 843 – 839 – 3691 or come on down to see us at 1100 3rd Ave S, Myrtle Beach.  You can also check us out on our website – C & G Auto service We are confident in our work and believe if you trust C & G with your car we will become your car mechanic in Myrtle Beach!


And please, be one of the satisfied customers that tell more than 2 people!