Decorate Your Car For Christmas

When it comes to decorating for any holiday, there are various levels of commitment. Chances are, you likely put up a Christmas tree or at least some lights. Those with extra holiday spirit, may set out various festive decorations, wreaths and garland. If you really want to go all out this year, we suggest decorating your car! Even the smallest decoration spreads cheer wherever you go.  

Rudolph Nose & Antlers

Santa isn’t the only one bringing gifts home in his sled this year. Look for car antler sets at auto parts stores, online or in several main retailers in our area! It’s quick, easy and super festive!

Window Decals

Who says decals are made only for your home windows? Festive window decals can also stick to your auto glass and come off clean when the holidays are over. Just make sure when arranging them on your car windows that none of them obstruct your driving.


You decorate your tree and your house with lights, so why not your car too? Each county has different laws and restrictions on exterior lights, but secured interior decor is a safe bypass. Kids will have a blast with decorations and it will make the evenings of darkness so much more fun for the whole family!

Garlands & Wreaths

Deck the cars with… boughs of garland! Attach a small wreath, some strands of garland or red ribbon bows to the front grill of your car for a classic, simplistic look.

Car Paint

Perhaps simplest of all, and a fun project for families is to buy washable auto paint pens to decorate the car windows with all kinds of festive designs that will truly make your car a unique work of art!

If you’re looking for even easier ways to decorate, a few other honorary suggestions are dashboard toys, festive air vent fresheners, holiday license plate frames and exterior magnets. Consider using some of these decorating ideas this holiday season and be sure to send us pictures of your masterpiece!