Driving In Inclement Weather: What You Should Know

With the unpredictable weather here in Myrtle Beach and this season being one of the most traveled time of the year, many factors can hinder you from arriving at your destination safely. That’s why our crew here at C&G Auto & Truck is here to inform you of some helpful inclement weather driving tips before you hit the road! 

Wear Your Seatbelt

You may be thinking ‘obviously’… but many people disregard their seatbelt, especially if they aren’t traveling far distances. Not only does your seatbelt protect you in an accident, but it also helps protect the other passengers in the car. With fewer daylight hours and winter weather, many fatalities happen due to minor accidents when a driver or passenger isn’t wearing their seatbelt. 

Pay Attention To The Weather

Whether you live somewhere like Myrtle Beach where it rarely gets cold enough for snow, or you’re traveling somewhere where winter weather is expected, it’s vital to pay attention to the weather and road conditions. If you’re unfamiliar with driving in snowy weather or on icy roads, it’s best to let someone more experienced drive. If you’re the only one driving: take it slow, go easy on your brakes, and avoid icy roads (especially with hills and curves). 

Go Easy On Your Brakes

Whether it’s a heavy downpour or a snow flurry, braking hard and not soon enough can cause you to slide and lose control of your vehicle. If you notice your car sliding, take your foot off the gas and DON’T press the brake pedal. For more information on what to do when your car is sliding, click here

Overall, these are just a few tips to help prepare you for safe travels this season! For all your car repair and maintenance needs, don’t hesitate to give our shop a call at 843.839.3691, or click here to contact us!