How To Tell If Your Tire Is Leaking Air

Nothing is more annoying than seeing your tire pressure light come on when you crank your car up. Is it because of the change in temperature or could it be because there’s a leak in one of your tires? This best way to tell if it’s the weather or a leak is by re-inflating your tire and watch to see if the tire pressure goes down again. If it does, you most likely have a slow tire leak usually caused by nails, screws, and other debris that can be found along roads. The truth is, driving with an underinflated/leaking tire is not only annoying – it’s dangerous. Here at C&G Auto Service, we’ve come up with a few different ways to help you know if your tire is leaking. 

Look For The Obvious

Give the presumed leaking tire a good thorough inspection for any nails, screws, or anything that could puncture the tire. Sometimes it’s better to take the tire off the car to get a closer look when inspecting it. 

Try Soap and Water

This may sound funny, but it works. Cover your tire in soapy water and watch closely to see where bubbles form. That’s where the airs leaking. Most of the time many small leaks can be patched or plugged, whereas leaks and punctures in the tire wall may cause you to replace your tire. 

Try The Dunk Test

Another trusted method for finding a leak is the dunk test. Take the tire and submerge it in a tub of water. Bubbles will form where there is air, showing you where the leak is. If the tub isn’t large enough to fit the whole tire, then do it sections at a time. 

Never put off a leaking/punctured tire! Driving around on one could cause your tire to blowout while on the road which can be extremely dangerous! If you’re still unsure what’s causing your tire to deflate, don’t hesitate to call or stop by C&G Auto & Truck and our team of mechanics will take great care of you!