All There Is To Know About Motor Oil

Why Change Oil?

Why take a bath? It keeps you clean. The same goes for motor oil. As oil circulates around your engines’ internal moving parts it’s exposed to heat, moisture, and air. All of these things lead to oxidation, contamination and corrosives, dirt, etc. This makes the oil become thicker, making circulation more difficult.

How Does the Oil Travel Through My Engine?

The trip begins in the oil pan, located at the very bottom of the engine, where the oil pump forces the oil through small passageways to lubricate and cool moving metal parts. Infrequent changes can result in these passageways becoming restricted, or even blocked, as sludge from dirty oil accumulates.

What Does Oil Protect?

Hundreds of moving parts, including the crankshaft which is fastened to the engine, block and rotates on bearings. Rods connect the crankshaft to the piston, fitted with rings, which travels inside the combustion chamber for the repetitive controlled explosions happening extremely fast. The valve train controls multiple parts managing the fuel/air mixture entering the combustion chamber. Without oil, friction and heat would cause the engine to “seize” and require extensive repair or even replacement.

Why Choose C&G vs “Fast Lube” Places?

Most “in and out” oil change shops provide very limited benefits outside a fast oil change. C&G offers so much more! We employ only experienced professionals, no part-timers or trainees, with the knowledge and equipment to properly complete the service. We confirm the correct type and viscosity oil recommended along with a high quality oil filter. Every oil service includes a complimentary 17-point inspection and additional wear items. A copy is included with each invoice for your records. And should additional services be necessary, tires, brakes, A/C, etc. we’ll let you know and arrange to complete nor or later, at your convenience. All this for only $15.00 (cars, vans & pickups) plus the cost of oil and oil filter, with a small disposal fee.

Should I Use Full Synthetic Oil?

Maybe. Today’s engines are manufactured with much closer tolerances than a few years ago, and some auto warranties require the use of full synthetic oil. Consult your owners’ manual. Use of any other oil could void your warranty and result in engine damage. If you are unsure, C&G can assist and advise you. Oil services performed at C&G meets requirements necessary for your warranty and are honored by all manufacturers.