Myrtle Beach, Be on the Lookout for Flooded Vehicles!

There are certain repercussions having to do with hurricane weather, even if it didn’t happen in your area of residence. One of the biggest ones is people who are trying to resell their cars after they’ve been flooded out. These cars will typically leave the states they started in(in recent cases it may be Texas or Florida) and be sold to surrounds states, making South Carolina a premier target.


About three-fourths of people have comprehensive car insurance, which includes flood insurance. Those peoples cars will be totaled and scrapped for parts. But, what about the other quarter of folks who don’t have flood insurance on their cars? They will inevitably be looking for somewhere to dump these cars within the first few weeks after they’ve dried out. They will be sold to dealerships in other states so that people won’t try to associate them with flood damage. About 50% of flooded cars will make it back on the market in some form or another.


The best thing you can do is talk to a mechanic and see if they can do an inspection, or make sure you obtain a Carfax with any car you’re thinking about purchasing. A Carfax will show a variety of things that may shy you away from buying a particular car but, it is something that every good car dealership should include.


There’s a couple of tell-tale signs that you can look for if you suspect that the car you are thinking about buying has been flooded. It may either smell like mold or have a very fine silt along the cracks and crevices, that can be almost impossible to get out.


We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but, we consider this an important warning and don’t want any of our customers to fall victim to buying a car that has previously been flooded! It will only cause you future problems!