Problematic Pollen & Its Effects On Your Car

It’s that time of year again! The dreaded pollen will be back in full force very soon and it’s important that while you’re gearing up for it’s effects, that you prepare your car too! Not only is pollen a nuisance, but if left untreated, pollen can actually corrode the body of your car. Here’s how to go about the task of pollen removal to keep your car pollen-free all season long.

Pollen itself is not especially harmful. For some people it makes it harder to breathe or causes sneezing, but nothing some allergy medicine can’t fix. As the pollen settles on surfaces though, it typically stays in place until wind or rain removes it. For car owners, leaving pollen in place is not just unsightly; it could also damage the paint too.

Pollen’s acidity is activated with water; rain or simply hosing your car or truck off won’t get rid of the pollen and will actually lead to premature fading, and even rust. The best way to get rid of pollen buildup is with a good, old-fashioned, soapy wash. Don’t be fooled – just because you rinse your vehicle and it appears clean, there are still pollen particles that are eating away at your paint if you don’t use soap and a thorough scrub. Gather your usual materials, car wash cleaner, sponges, rags, microfiber towels, buckets and whatever else you need to start the car washing process or even easier, head over to one of our many local car washes and have it done professionally! By giving your car a good clean now, and even applying car wax to your vehicle before the yellow powder arrives, you will protect your car’s finish against all types of environmental fallout.

If you are one of the many of us that suffers from pollen allergies, your car could be making your symptoms worse. Pollen particles can easily reach inside your vehicle through the ventilation system or if you leave your window down accidentally. Cleaning or replacing the cabin filters in your car and having your ventilation system disinfected are imperative solutions that will significantly cut down on the allergic effects of pollen and keep the air circulating inside your car clean.

Trust your trusted mechanics here at C&G. While we may not be able to prevent pollen accumulation, by following these pollen removal tips, you can keep your car looking great long-term and keep yourself healthy too!