Reasons Why You Should Regularly Change Your Oil

Most people don’t realize how important oil changes are for their cars. If you have ever been reprimanded by your mechanic for waiting too long for an oil change, you know this is an essential part of basic car maintenance you can’t afford to forget.

Engine Performance

There are plenty of good reasons to change the oil in your car regularly!  Without proper lubrication and with the potential for dirt and debris buildup, a high-performance engine will run slower and even begin to wear out. Changing oil regularly gives you peace of mind because it prolongs the life of your engine while making it run smoothly, giving you better gas mileage as well.

Reduce Harmful Emissions

If you are a fan of the environment, it’s easy being green when you keep up with your oil changes. Having lapses in oil changes can lead to dirty, old oil, which produces noxious engine emissions. If you change your oil regularly and on time, it will make your car more environmentally friendly since fresh oil won’t burn like old oil. Add oil changes to your calendar today!

Gas Mileage

The average car needs a new oil filter every 3,000 miles. That’s about 20 minutes of your time at the auto shop and under $20 total. Just like changing your air filter and checking your tire pressure, this task is quick and easy to complete at home. Regular oil changes are good for your engine – and your wallet! Better gas mileage is one of the least-known benefits of regular oil changes.

Extended Engine Life

It’s understandable that anyone who knows the importance of keeping their car running smooth might want to know how long it will last. Purchasing a high-quality vehicle, like the ones we offer in our lot, is only half of what you need to do. Regular oil changes can make all the difference in your family car or truck running for years and years—and saving you money in the long run!

Catch Up On Other Maintenance

Oil changes are an integral part of car care. They help keep your engine running smoothly and problems down. If you’re taking your car in for an oil change, ask the mechanic to take a look at the overall health of your engine. While under the hood, they may find something that needs to be replaced or fixed.

Keeping your oil changed is one of the best ways to avoid costly car repairs. Most mechanics or car service providers will place a sticker on your windshield indicating when you should return for a new oil change. This way you never have to worry about old oil accumulating in your engine.