Summer Car Care Tips

Along with the fun of playing in the yard, hitting the beach and working on your tan, comes some responsibility in the form of car care. The summer can do a number on your car, inside and out, but with a few simple tips it will be a breeze!

Coat Your Car
Just like you put on sunscreen, your car needs its own version – wax. Making sure that your car has a nice, fresh coat of wax on it can help your paint job and finish not become damaged by the suns rays. Additionally, if your windshield is dirty, as the sun sets, you will not be able to see as well with the hazard of streaks and grime. Make sure to keep your windows spotless – inside and outside of your car- to ensure that you have no vision impairments on the road this summer.

Your upholstery can take a beating in the summer as well too. Families are outside more being active: sand, dirt, sunscreen, sweat. Over time this becomes ground into the fibers of your interior. Help keep your interior looking pristine by vacuuming regularly, and wiping down the interior of the car with Armor All to clean and shine.

Staying cool isn’t just about air-conditioning. It is about making sure your car’s engine is cool as well, and that is all about the coolant system. The simplest and easiest thing you can do is to check the coolant fluid in your car. To be even more thorough, you should check the condition of the hoses and coolant reservoir too. Checking the hoses is as easy as squeezing them slightly to see if they are firm (which is good!) Or squishy (they are aging then, and will need to be replaced).

With the summer heat, sun showers and even the sever thunderstorm are unavoidable. Being caught on the road, especially the highway, during such weather in dangerous, especially if your wipers aren’t working properly or are older. Simply replacing your wipers is a simple cheap fix to ensure your safety. Also using a rain treatment spray on your windshield will help for the water to bead and roll off easier too.

Dashboard Sunshade
We all remember the sunshades that were cardboard and had a big pair of glasses on them from our child hood right?! Well they have come a long way since then, but still can serve the same basic purpose. With out the use of a sunshade, the interior of a car will fade over time, and also the car becomes much hotter, possibly damaging any items left inside. There are also now sunshades that are solar powered that are battery chargers – talk about eco-friendly!