Tire Check

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Why are tire checks important?

It’s back to school time!  That means that you will most likely transporting precious cargo in your vehicle.  Your children or grandchildren!!  Car safety should be a priority for you if you do drive kids to school or activities.  One of the most important things to be aware of is the condition of your tires.  Back to school should be synonymous with tire check.   You can do your own cursory check, are the treads worn?  Try the quarter check, if it won’t stay in the tread it’s time for a new tires.  Is your car pulling or drifting in one direction while driving?  Do a tire check – this could mean you are low on air in one tire.   Driving on an under, or over, inflated tire can lead to a blow out.  This is a dangerous and frightening situation to go through, so make sure your tire pressure is at the optimum level.

Next it’s a good time to do a tire rotation, bring it in to your local mechanic and this can be done quickly. Rotating your tires can also lead to a longer life for your tires.   At the same time the mechanic is rotating your tires they can perform a tire check as well.  Ask them to check your pressure while they have your car, this way you are assured the pressure is correct.  How the tire is wearing can also signal to your mechanic that your car may have another issue, for example if their are cupped dips appearing around the surface of the tread this could indicate loose, worn, or sometimes bent suspension parts.   A tire alignment can also stop uneven wear on tires.

If you find you need to purchase a tire, come buy C & G Auto in Myrtle Beach – we sell tires and our prices are comparable if not better than most.  Do your research prior to buying a tire – the pricing may fluctuate wildly from dealer to dealer and tire brand to tire brand.  Knowledge is power and can help you to make a good purchase not an impulse purchase.