Top 3 Dashboard Lights You Shouldn’t Ignore

While many drivers notice their gas warning light and are used to waiting until the last second before filling up, some drivers just seem to ignore their warning lights hoping they’ll go away on their own. Whatever the case may be, ignoring the warning lights on your dashboard can become detrimental to your car and your safety. That’s why our team here at C&G Auto & Truck has come up with the top three dashboard lights you shouldn’t ignore. 

Brake Light

This light could signal that many things regarding your brakes. Your emergency brake could still be activated and it could be signaling you to release it so it doesn’t do any damage. It could also mean that your brake pads are wearing down and it’s time to replace them. Another thing it could signal is that there’s something wrong with your automatic braking system (ABS), which we can diagnose further here at our shop.

Check Engine Light

If you notice this light on your dash, it’s best to get to an auto shop as soon as possible. This could mean a multitude of things from a loose gas cap to a faulty spark plug. Our technicians here at C&G would be more than happy to help you. 

Battery Light

Ignoring your battery light could end up leaving you on the side of the road. This could indicate that your battery is running low, the terminals are deteriorating, or it needs to be replaced. When you see this light, you should be able to keep driving but once you turn your car off, your car may not start again, so taking it to an auto shop or auto parts store should be your next stop. 

Overall, no matter the circumstances, it’s best not to ignore any lights on your dashboard. If in doubt about what a certain light means, it’s best to seek a professional. For all your car repair or maintenance needs, our team here at C&G Auto & Truck is here to help! Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 843.839.3691 if you have any questions.