What To Do If Your Car Overheats

The heat of the summer can come with many drawbacks other than just a painful sunburn. You may love this time of year, but your car’s engine doesn’t! While today’s cars are equipped with cooling systems, sometimes they malfunction. If your car is overheating it can damage your engine and become a safety hazard for everyone in the car and everyone else on the road. That’s why our team here at C&G Truck & Auto has come up with a few helpful tips on what to do if your car overheats.

  1. Turn On The Heat

Once you notice your car is overheating (you see steam/smoke or read it on your dashboard), turn your car’s heat on full blast. Roll down the windows if you get too hot but the heat will take the pressure off the engine’s cooling system. In some cases, turning on the heat will resolve this problem, but it’s best to get it checked ASAP.

  1. Take Your Foot Off The Gas and Pull Over.

After you’ve turned on the heat, release the gas and look for a safe place to pull over and give your car the chance to cool down. If you have roadside assistance, now would be the best time to call because chances are you’re going to need a tow.

  1. Wait At Least 15 Minutes

Some drivers may be anxious to see what the problem is under the hood, but an overheating car can sometimes reach up to 230 degrees! Wait at least 15 minutes before you open the hood. Giving it time to cool lessens your chances of getting sprayed by hot coolant or steam.

  1. Drive To A Service Or Gas Station

If you’re not in a safe place to be towed and your car has cooled down, try and make your way to a service or gas station where you can wait to be towed or get your car fixed. Adding coolant to your car won’t fix your problem but it will allow you to drive safely to somewhere close.

Overall, these tips won’t fix your problem but they’ll help you safely handle the situation at hand. If you’re dealing with any car problems, like overheating, our team at C&G Truck & Auto would be happy to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us!