Why Is My A/C Blowing Hot Air?

While your air conditioner is a wonderful thing when it is working properly, you tend to notice when it isn’t. With the South Carolina weather slowly getting warmer, no air conditioning in your car can be brutal. There are plenty of things that could go wrong with your car’s air conditioning. It’s important to get it fixed before that 80 degree weather really kicks in in the the next few months. So while you’re asking yourself “Why is my car’s A/C blowing hot air?”, here are a few options that may just be your answer.

1.) Worn Out Compressor

The air conditioning system in your vehicle relies on a compressor to move the refrigerant through a series of lines and filters that remove heat from the vehicle’s cabin. This compressor can be subject to its share of contaminants, which could damage your car or cause it to break down. Be sure to keep an eye out for signs of trouble, such as strange noises or new leaks around your car.

Extending the life of your air conditioner can be easy with a few simple tips. Try running your air conditioner for about 10 minutes in the off season (like right now while it’s still chilly). An easy way to do this without freezing yourself out in the winter is using your defroster, which automatically kicks in your air conditioning.

2.) Freon Leak

Leaks are rare, but they do happen. Usually, refrigerant evaporates into a gas when it isn’t under pressure. Because air conditioning systems are sealed, they don’t require any topping off. If levels are low, it could mean there is a leak.

Leaks in the A/C system aren’t the kind that can be spotted with a quick glance underneath the car either. Oil residue on or around A/C hose units, or connections to those hoses, is often one of the first warning signs of a leak. Our certified mechanics are trained to look for any signs of an A/C leak and identify the problem before it becomes serious.

3.) Electrical Issues

Your car’s air conditioning system has several electrical components that work together to keep the air flowing properly. If even one component fails, the entire system can shut down to prevent any more mishaps. It is important to have your air conditioning tested to make sure you can isolate this specific issue before it causes any damage to other electrical units in your car. That is why it is important to bring your car to a trusted repair shop to undergo any maintenance and check out any issues you may be having.

Solving Problems at C&G Auto

Here at C&G Atuo, we know that air conditioning is a critical part of your car. Stop asking yourself “why is my car’s A/C blowing hot air”, and bring it over to us! Contact us and/or check out more about how we can help you at C&G Auto and Truck.