Why You Should Avoid Potholes

With the seasons changing and hurricane season in full swing until November, it’s pothole season! With all the rain we’ve been getting here in Myrtle Beach, what looks like a puddle while driving could actually be a pothole! What may seem like a harmless ‘bump’ in the road could really do some damage to your car if you aren’t careful! That’s why our team at C&G Auto & Truck has come up with a few reasons why you should do your best to avoid potholes while driving. 


When it comes to driving over potholes, think of your tires like balloons. Hitting one at full speed may not seem like a bad idea, but the force can cause the air in your tires to shift which can cause a blowout or your tire to lose air pressure. Even if your tires don’t lose air pressure, that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Keep an eye out for bulges in your tire, this could be a sign of internal damage. 

Steering & Suspension

If you’ve hit a pothole and notice your car isn’t driving straight or as straight as it once was, this can be a sign of damage to your suspension which can throw off your tire alignment. Not only can this be annoying while driving, but driving with unaligned tires can cause them to wear down faster. 

As auto shop technicians, we’ve seen it all. Our best advice is to not ignore hitting a pothole and to keep an eye out for any damage that could happen down the road. If you see a pothole while driving and you can’t avoid it, slow down safely to reduce the risk of damage. If you or someone you know has hit a pothole that caused damage, don’t be embarrassed – we’re here to help! Give us a call at 843.839.3691 for any questions or to schedule a service appointment!